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Created on 01 Mar 2024

With a rich history of working alongside Private Equity firms on value creation projects, our consulting firm specializes in tech due diligence for both business willing to acquire new assets, and startups ready to take it to the next level. De-risk your acquisitions with a 360-degree view of the application acquired: ✓ Understand the fit with your value creation journey by getting a holistic view on technologies, frameworks, 3rd parties, along with their volume and integration. ✓ Assess the risk, spot vulnerabilities or any items that should be uncovered pre-closing. Get a full report on structural flaws, frameworks to replace, legacy technologies, etc. and amount of effort necessary. ✓ Secure your investments with a clear action plan including associated cost. Use a phase based approach to understand the effort of remediation for each discovered items. ✓Support the value creation process by instantly gaining access to a To- Be architecture that takes advantage of cost-effective technologies (cloud, big data, AI, etc...) We are here to expedite the due diligence process so your team can get the most out of the deal.