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Created on 07 Aug 2023

As an experienced project manager in the healthcare sector with a Chemistry degree from TU Munich and certifications in PMP and GMP, I have led various successful projects and initiatives that demonstrate my ability to deliver results and achieve key objectives. My relevant experience includes: • Developing a new NCD policy strategy for a top 10 pharmaceutical company in China, involving close collaboration with stakeholders in Germany, UK, Switzerland, and China. • Contracted by the Federal Ministry of Health and CEOs of major healthcare organizations in Germany, to manage complex initiatives that required strong communication and coordination skills. • Leading the digitization of a PE-funded healthcare provider with 22 subsidiaries and 6,000 employees in Germany, a complex and multifaceted project that required me to balance competing priorities and manage a large team. • Conducting a digital brand equity study in China for a leading global medical device company, which helped the company to identify key areas for growth and development. • Building up a new business entity in Germany as an interim manager for a global medical device company, which required me to quickly understand the organization's operations and to develop a successful growth strategy. • Managing a cost reduction program of EUR 2.3 million in a German 800-bed hospital, which involved analyzing budgets and identifying areas for savings, while ensuring that patient care was not compromised. • Fluent in German, English, and Chinese, with experience working in diverse and multicultural teams. My extensive experience and proven track record of success in managing complex projects in the healthcare sector make me an ideal candidate for managing and delivering results in the proposed project.