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Created on 09 Aug 2023

A vastly experienced team offers the full set of Post-merger integration services for midsize projects as well as larger more complex deals. Integration Strategy: Define an integration strategy based on Due Diligence and the business case Integration planning: Create buy-in from both organisations on the priorities of each workstream and project to manage day-2-day and integration simultaneously and avoid overwhelm Post Deal Execution:PMO/ IMO / ITO services. Know how to work with different types of people to keep the priorities on track, monitor progression and empower your team to create the value designed Cultural Transformation: Create an understanding of the common behaviors in both organizations to drive a joint approach to maximize the value from the deal Transition Service Agreements (TSAs): Planning and execution of transition service agreements to enable the buyer to stand up the organization necessary for a smooth transition Information Technology | AWS Cloud: Determine the right Data, IT and application infrastructure (Fast Start M&A Integration, Data, ERP, Cloud, etc) and priorities to support the new strategy