From war refugee to ESG pioneer: Sasja Beslik

Sasja Beslik is one of the most influential men when it comes to sustainable finance: more than 200.000 people follow his hot takes on social media.
Sasja Beslik on the OpenIC Podcast by Fintalent

At Nordea, Sasja pioneered including ESG factors into investment decisions (worth €320 billion in 2018), which led to big changes in the bank’s strategy. Sasja is also co-author of “Where the money tree grows”, about climate-smart investing.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why Greta Thunberg follows Sasja on Twitter
  • How Sasja’s background as refugee influenced his career
  • What successful ESG investing means today
  • If sustainable finance can save the world
  • Why he calls out corporates on social media

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