M&A Software Landscape: Report 2024

We analyzed 100+ M&A software vendors, to create the most comprehensive picture of the status quo of M&A software.
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AI is Revolutionizing M&A

One of the standout revelations from our report is the significant role AI is playing in M&A software. A staggering 34% of the vendors surveyed openly leverage AI in their products and services.

This technology is enhancing capabilities across various categories, from speeding up due diligence with automated document reviews to refining deal-sourcing processes through advanced analytics. Categories like Analysis & Diligence see the highest AI adoption (83%), underscoring the critical need for rapid and accurate data processing in complex transactions.

Ultimately, we don’t believe that AI will do deals stand-alone (advisory and brokerage is critical) but we do believe AI will fundamentally transform benchmarking, valuations, due diligence and buyer matching… all of which are key components of the deal making process.
Blake Hutchison, Chief Executive Officer, Flippa

AI adjustments of M&A Software

Mature Categories Lead the Way

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) and Deal Marketplaces are identified as the most mature categories in the M&A software landscape.

VDRs, representing 34% of software providers in our report, are pivotal in ensuring secure and efficient document management during transactions. Deal Marketplaces, while popular, still have room to grow in reliability for strategic buyers. These mature categories set the benchmark for other emerging sectors, demonstrating how established solutions can drive successful outcomes.

The issue in deal sourcing is not a lack of AI, but rather a lack of data. This may seem  counterintuitive given what people have come to expect from AI and the recent explosion of Generative AI, but AI alone is not the answer. Anyone who has dealt with private company data (or the lack thereof) will tell you that it is an entirely different beast.

Tanguy Lesselin, CEO & Co-Founder, Finquest

Geographical Trends and Market Leaders

The report also sheds light on geographical trends, with the USA leading in the number of M&A software providers. This dominance is bolstered by innovative solutions and prolific brands that cater to a global market.

However, European countries like Sweden and Poland are making notable contributions with niche, purpose-built software solutions. Understanding these geographical dynamics helps businesses identify the best tools available globally, ensuring they stay competitive and efficient.

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Future Outlook: Growth and Consolidation

Despite the current reliance on traditional methods such as Excel, the M&A software landscape is set for substantial growth and consolidation. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of integrated, sophisticated tools that offer comprehensive data resources and streamline deal-making processes. As AI and other advanced technologies become standard, the M&A industry will see more transparency, agility, and efficiency.

M&A isn’t just about securely storing documents—it’s about managing an entire project. That’s why we integrated project management capabilities and due diligence tracking right into the software, transforming the VDR into a comprehensive platform that supports the entire M&A lifecycle, making the process more integrated and less siloed.
Kison Patel, Founder & CEO, DealRoom

Unlocking the Full Potential of M&A Software

The 2024 M&A Software Landscape Report underscores the indispensable role of software in modern deal-making. By adopting these cutting-edge tools, M&A professionals can source more deals, manage their pipelines effectively, and execute transactions with greater agility. The integration of AI and other advanced technologies is not just a trend but a necessity for staying competitive in today’s dynamic market.

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