Inside Strategy at JobRad, with Holger Tumat

Holger Tumat, CEO, introduces the JobRad Strategy team.
Holger Tumat
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Who are you, and what’s your current job title and background?
I am Holger Tumat, co-founder and currently the CEO of JobRad Holding SE.

What’s the mission of JobRad?
Our mission is to get people on bikes. We are a part of the mobility revolution because we believe a mobility transition without bicycles is unimaginable. We brought bicycle leasing to Germany, pioneering the company bike principle here, and have made it a success. We aim to build on this success and further change mobility behavior.

How does corporate strategy support this mission?
We approach this mission strategically and analytically. We were the first to introduce the concept of bike leasing in Germany and we want to build on this success and further change mobility behavior.

What is the team size and structure of the Corporate Strategy team?
The Corporate Strategy Team currently consists of three people. The team encompasses market research, trend analysis, as well as the capability to conduct workshops, document results, and especially accompany our group companies in their strategic processes.

Describe a recent strategic initiative that the company has implemented and its outcomes?
About two years ago, we fundamentally revised our group strategy. From this, we derived several business sectors. We identified that it is strategically important for us to offer mobility budgets, which include various types of mobility provided by employers. A result of this analysis was a strategic investment in Lofino to tap into this area for us and our employers.

How do the strategy and the M&A team work together?
Strategy defines the business sectors in which we want to be active and the measures we want to implement. M&A, on the other hand, screens and identifies potential inorganic targets. Then, in a joint analysis process, we assess whether they fit us and whether we can develop them organically or inorganically in a new business unit.

What career paths are possible for corporate strategists in your company?
We are looking for strategists with a strong practical focus because we don’t just want to accumulate PowerPoint slides, but genuinely drive businesses forward. The usual career progression for people who have worked in strategy is to eventually take responsibility and lead one of these initiatives to success. This could also entail taking a role in a group company or even assuming a management position.

Complete the following sentence: “Working in Corporate Strategy at JobRad is great because…”
Working in Corporate Strategy at JobRad is great because we are still a young company with a lot of potential for shaping. One can directly see and influence the results of their own work with us.

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