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sonnen powers the renewable transition. Now, they aim to add anorganic growth to their ambitious strategic initiatives.
Frank Münster, sonnen
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In our inside M&A series, we interview M&A leaders about their corporate M&A departments, how they organize their teams and deals, and what excites them about working in M&A at their company.

Who are you and what’s your current job title?
My name is Frank Münster, and I am the Director of Strategy and Steering at sonnen.

How does the company approach M&A activity and growth potential?
sonnen pursues growth potentials across the globe by going through inorganic growth and M&A activities. This ensures growth in certain regions and maintains a technological and competitive advantage.

Tell us a bit about the team structure and competencies within the M&A / Corporate Development team?
We have a global M&A team under my direction, and we pursue targets worldwide. We receive support from various business functions in the organization, such as legal, finance, and HR, to ensure the best possible evaluation of potential targets. Our team was built up last year and is continuously growing, bringing in new ideas and structures to support the company’s growth.

How does the company integrate and manage newly acquired companies and assets?
The integration of new companies is highly dependent on the nature of the business. We are not pursuing just one kind of business opportunity but several across the globe. From commercial to technological projects, there might be different ways potential acquisition targets are integrated. The depth of integration is chosen individually.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Can you tell us about a recent M&A transaction that the company has completed?
We recently acquired a smaller installation company, one of our biggest partners in the Eastern German region. This acquisition ensures growth in that region and allows us to better address our customers.

Which part of the M&A process excites you the most and why?
The most exciting part of the M&A process is shaking hands with the newly acquired company after signing the deal. From that moment, it is all about growth for both parties, and it’s exciting to move on to the next steps.

Working at sonnen is great because…
We follow our vision of providing clean and affordable energy for everyone, and we have many exciting potential projects across the globe. We aim to ensure the best solutions for our customers in the future.

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